Orioles In-The-Know

State Senator and ACSC Principal-for-a-Day John Crane

Episode Summary

Dr. Wyndham has a conversation with Indiana State Senator John Crane at the end of his "wonderfully difficult experience" as Avon High School Principal-for-a-Day. They discuss his experience as Principal at AHS, what drew him into public service, what he's learned during his time at the Statehouse, and how members of our community can work together--despite differences in opinion--for the good of all students.

Episode Notes


"We are on the same team. This is a partnership and it is in the pursuit of collaboration. ... If we can recognize that on behalf of our young people -- our students, the next generation -- we all have a vested interest in their education, then we can start as teammates."

"It's been healthy, I think, to realize that I can have complete philosophical disagreements with somebody [with whom  I serve at the Statehouse] and we can still be genuine friends. And where we have disagreements we can sit down like mature adults and talk it out."

"At the end of the day, what are we about? We are in the business of educating the next generation to be positive, contributing members of our society. And so the work that's being done at Avon ... and all of our school districts is so critically important. Whether these young people fully realize it right now or not, they are the future. So it behooves us to make sure that we are giving our very best investment in our very best resource."